Iridium TT



DENSO's Iridium TT plugs are designed for long distance and heavy-use drivers who care about mileage and performance.
Engineered with a 0.4mm diameter iridium centre electrode and a 0.7mm platinum-tipped ground electrode; the Iridium TT delivers more complete combusion giving you superior fuel economy.


Why DENSO Iridium TT?

  • Engineered with the smallest tip in the market, the DENSO Iridium TT spark plug delivers more complete combustion, giving you superior fuel economy over any other plug.
  • The Iridium TT is designed to last beyond 100,000 km.
  • Less stock, same coverage: TT Plugs cover many applications with fewer part references.




The most advanced technology in the world has been employed to enable use of an electrode only 0.4 mm in diameter. The smaller the electrode the more concentrated the electric potential at the tip. This results in more complete combustion which is good for all types of driving - the engine starts easily, there are fewer misfiers, acceleration improves along with fuel economy.


Figure 1 shows the strength of electrical field.

The higher the electrical field strength, the easier it is to fire with low voltage.
*1 FEM (Finite Element Method analysis)

Figure 2 shows that shows the results of evaluating how the miniaturised-portion protrusion direction may influence the ignitability of an engine. The evaluation checked idle speed at equal throttle opening with the ISC (Idle Speed Control) turned off.
A higher idle speed represents higher ignitability.




The complete Iridium TT Spark Plugs range is highly consolidated, comprising of 19 convenient part numbers that together offer an impressive coverage of top selling Australian car parts.