As the manufacturer of the original Air-intake system for Hilux, DENSO is the natural choice when selecting a Snorkel for your vehicle.

Who better to design a Snorkel for your HiLux?

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions and specifically engineered for Toyota HiLux 3.0L Turbo Diesel (2005 model onwards), the DENSO Snorkel will keep you on track, regardless of your surrounds. A sleek stylish Snorkel, completely sealed to keep the elements out. River crossings, sandy deserts, snow or wind are no challenge for this Snorkel.

Two Head Types:


  • The RAM head maximises RAM Airflow, providing more than 30% increased airflow over competitors products.
  • Separates both dust and water from the incoming airstream.
  • Smooth design minimises wind noise.
  • The RAM head can be easily reversed for more adverse environmental conditions.
  • When reversing the Snorkel RAM head, the screws stay ‘captive’ within the RAM head, saving time and avoiding fastener loss.
  • Air-Filter life can be greatly extended when used in dusty conditions.




  • The Pre-Cleaner Head Snorkel kit is designed to maximise dust and water separation in the most adverse conditions, further extending air filter life.
  • Pre-Cleaner version with fully integrated and proven Toyota Landcruiser Cyclonic separator design.
  • The Cyclonic separator maximises the separation of dust and water for the most aggressive environments.
  • Air-Filter life can be even further extended in extreme dusty conditions.




A unique state-of-the-art design to guarantee sealing, no need for messy silicone or traditional ‘band’ clamps.

Highest UV and Corrosion Resistance

Tested in the toughest environments, our Snorkels are highly fade resistant and manufactured from the highest grade reinforced toughened polypropylene.

Ram Head Reversed Configuration 

The RAM head can be easily reversed for more adverse environmental conditions.  This means you can be rest assured if you plan to travel to cold or high altitude conditions where severe snow or wind is anticipated. By reversing the Ram head to face away from the motion of the weather, snow and dust will be less likely to build up inside the air intake.

Water Separation

The design of the Ram head ensures minimum water ingress into the main Snorkel Body by directing any water to separation holes.

Pressure Drop

When compared to competitor products the DENSO Snorkel showed lower pressure drop as Air Flow increased.