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High efficiency plugs for gas engines


DENSO Iridium Saver Spark Plugs are a range of high efficiency, long-life spark plugs for gas engines that use Iridium technology to increase plug life and performance. The term ‘Saver’ implies the reduction in maintenance costs achieved by the extended plug life in high pressure, lean-burn engines.




  • High Dielectric Ceramics
    Newly developed ceramics with finer grain, molded-in higher pressure and higher density prevents electrical breakdown of insulator.
  • Highly Reliable Monolithic Resistor
    Guaranteed high reliability for withstanding high combustion pressures by incorporating a stress resistant monolithic resistor that adheres to the resistor glass in the high temperature furnace.
    In addition, this eliminates interference to electronic equipment from high energy coil noise.
  • Special Nickel Plating With Better Corrosive Resistance
    Better corrosive resistance for condensed acid water.
  • Cross Grove Design (M18 mm Plug)
    Four small electrodes create a cross groove which improves sparking performance and suppresses dispersion in voltage value, for an outstanding decrease in required voltage.
  • Unique Iridium Alloy
    Iridium alloy – developed and patented by DENSO – offers a high welding point which dramatically improves wear resistance compared to other Iridium plugs.
  • 360° Laser Welding
    So reliable the electrode resists wear even under the most extreme engine conditions.
  • Proving Longer Life
    Using its patented Iridium alloy, DENSO was able to shrink the center electrode to 0.7mm, dramatically improving ignitability and longevity.



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