Electronically Controlled Diesel

The DENSO diesel fuel injection pumps commonly used in Australia for new vehicles at present are the ECD-V3 and ECD-V4 which are both electronically controlled distributor types. A number of vehicles in Australia are now equipped with the DENSO common rail system.


Electronically Controlled Diesel Model (ECD-V3)


The distributor-type pump was developed in response to the demand for lighter, more compact pumps for the smaller car engines now available. This type of pump injects and distributes the fuel into each cylinder with one rotation of the plunger. Features of the ECD-V3 include the control of the fuel injection volume by the Solenoid Spill Valve (SPV), and the control of the fuel injection timing by the Timing Control Valve (TCV)


Electronically Controlled Diesel Model (ECD-V4)


While the ECD-V3 and mechanical-type pumps use a face cam mechanism for fuel plunging, the ECD-V4 uses an inner cam mechanism to achieve the desired injection pressure of approximately 130Mpa. The rollers revolve in the inner circumference of the cam ring, creating a reciprocal movement of the plungers and generating high pressure.