Common Rail Pump

Diesel engines combine excellent fuel economy and power, and their popularity is growing, especially in Australia.


The development of the common rail system is a landmark in significantly improving the diesel engine capabilities. DENSO launched the world's first common rail system in 1995 and since then has been actively involved in developing advanced diesel engine technologies to meet customer needs as well as stringent worldwide emission regulations.


The common rail system accumulates high-pressure fuel in the common rail and injects the fuel into the engine cylinder at timing controlled by the engine ECU, allowing high-pressure injection independent from the engine speed. As a result, the common rail system can reduce harmful materials such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) in emissions and generates more engine power.

DENSO leads the industry in increasing fuel pressure and maximizing the precision of injection timing and quantity, achieving cleaner emissions and more powerful engines. DENSO's common rail systems are supplied to a variety of vehicles including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.



Why DENSO Common Rail Systems?

  • The world's highest injection Common Rail System (CRS) with a maximum pressure of 1800 Bar, (5 times injections per cycle) which translates to a drastic reduction in Nitric Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM).
  • The latest versions of DENSO's Common Rail Systems which easily meet EURO 4 Emission requirements without the use of expensive Diesel Particulate Filters.
  • A Common Rail System which is the lightest of its type.
  • A commitment to ongoing quality improvement, greater reliability and systems designed to meet the increasingly strict emission laws. 





The supply pump pressurizes fuel up to 1,800 bar and sends it to the common rail. The fuel pressure in the common rail is detected by the high-pressure sensor and controlled by adjusting an electromagnetic valve of the supply pump.






Passenger cars
and Light-duty vehicles


Medium-duty vehicles


Heavy-duty vehicles
Available up to 1,600 bar



  • Generates high fuel pressure up to 1,800 bar
  • Adapting an outer cam structure rather than an inner cam structure reduces the surface pressure applied to the sliding part of the plunger that pressurizes fuel.
  • The plunger is made of a newly developed material with very little foreign matter and the sliding part of the plunger is coated with a ceramic material, improving fatigue limit of the plunger.
  • Light weight
  • Using aluminum for pump housing parts that are not exposed to high pressure achieves the world's lightest supply pump for the common rail system.
  • Precise control of fuel pressure in the common rail
  • The supply pump sends only a required amount of fuel to the common rail through the electromagnetic valve, precisely controlling the fuel pressure in the common rail.