Diesel Fuel Injectors

DENSO’s leadership in diesel common rail technology is unsurpassed in the industry.  

In 1995, DENSO launched the world’s first diesel common rail injection system for trucks. The following year, they began supplying diesel common rail injection systems for passenger vehicles.

Since then, DENSO has been actively involved in developing advanced diesel engine technologies and today their diesel fuel injectors lead the industry in fuel pressure, precision and timing. 




DENSO's solenoid injector can inject fuel at an interval of 0.4 milliseconds with a required small quantity -- only one cubic millimeter per pilot injection. The injectors allow the system to perform five injections during each combustion stroke. DENSO's proprietary technologies in material development and processing enabled the solenoid injector to achieve high performance with a fatigue strength sufficient for 1,800 bar injection pressure.


The stringent emission controls that vehicle manufacturers now have to meet has resulted in higher injection pressures, around 2000 bar or 29,000psi. This has resulted in the injector design becoming much more complex, with finer tolerances than previously mechanically operated injectors, making them far more susceptible to contaminants.


DENSO Remanufactured Injectors

At some point, due to fuel contamination or blockage, diesel injectors will need to be replaced. This can be a very expensive exercise and can often result in the need to change the fuel pump, common rail and fuel lines. Previously all of these items had to be replaced with new components resulting in expensive repair bills. 

Now there is a more viable and affordable repair option and in response to the rapid growth of diesel powered vehicles in our local market, DENSO Australia offer customers remanufactured fuel injectors. These injectors are sold exclusively though their extensive dealer network.

Here is a short video explaining our remanufacturing process:



These certified repairers offer the only authorised test solution. They are factory trained and fully equipped with the latest tools to diagnose and repair diesel vehicles; including the full servicing of diesel fuel pumps. As you might imagine, the repair process for these high-tech injectors has to be stringently controlled.

Genuine parts are used to ensure vehicle integrity and longevity, and certified repairers must carry out and conform to stringent worldwide emission tests.  Additionally, DENSO reman injectors are calibration coded to ensure optimum engine performance is achieved after the repair event.

So, before your next diesel service ask:

  1. Is your fuel injection system repaired with genuine DENSO parts?

  2. Is your injector calibration coded?

  3. Will it be installed by a DENSO certified repairer?

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