DENSO First Time Fit condensers are designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle’s original air conditioning system.

Their premium aluminum construction improves reliability and resists corrosion. The superior fin wave design offers higher heat transfer and maximum refrigerant condensation.  All our condensers are designed to decrease foreign particle deposits, keeping your entire A/C system running at optimal performance.

Why DENSO Condensers?

  • First Time Fit assures bolt-in replacement; no brackets and adapters
  • Reduces required compressor power, resulting in improved fuel economy
  • Restores A/C performance to as-new condition
  • Greater Durability – Pure aluminum construction provides greater resistance for corrosion


  • Zinc diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance
  • Unique fin design to minimize airflow blockage
  • High performance condenser reduces the required compressor power
  • Engineered to Perfection – OE quality engineered for unparalleled performance