At DENSO, we bring together everything we know as an air conditioning systems manufacturer to bring you the highest quality line of factory-new compressors available.

DENSO compressors are manufactured and tested to the strictest OE standards for unparalleled performance.

Drivers and their passengers expect a comfortable cabin on every journey, whatever the weather.


In general, all car air-conditioners use the same ‘vapour compression refrigeration system’ with some small variations. These systems use a refrigerant which, when changing state from a liquid to a gas, absorbs high quantities of heat from the air blown into the car and in turn cools and dehumidifies the car’s interior.

To change the state of the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas, it is necessary to change the boiling point. A compressor is used to achieve this, increasing the pressure of the refrigerant to the level required to change it from a gas to a liquid.

At DENSO, we know these units better than anyone because we originally designed them. Our compressors meet DENSO’s unsurpassed reputation for technological superiority.

For advanced, efficient, reliable heating, ventilation and air conditioning components, car makers rely on DENSO – the world’s number one manufacturer of original thermal products.



  • High output
  • Extended durability
  • Exact fit
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Quiet, efficient performance