Quality, Reliability and Value.

At DENSO we've taken everything we have learned as an OE manufacturer and applied it to our aftermarket product lines. Every component that leaves our factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

DENSO factories are QS9000 and ISO9000 certified worldwide, just one of the many reasons why zero defects for parts produced in the millions is a reality for DENSO. A recipient of the prestigious Deming Award for quality in 1961, we've spent over five decades perfecting our technology and processes, a claim that few automotive manufacturers can make.

The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components add up to a tremendous value for our customers.


What is DENSO First Time Fit®?

Works the first time and each time

DENSO First Time Fit® products — including Starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, Condensors, radiators, O2 Sensors and more — are products built and tested to OE-standard offered for the aftermarket by DENSO. Each of these products is precision-built for exact replacement so you don't have to worry about doing the same job twice.

A tradition of innovation

At DENSO, we're constantly striving to break new ground with innovative solutions for today's demanding automotive needs. All of our aftermarket products are built to OE-standards and incorporate the latest upgrades — a promise only an OE manufacturer can make.


DENSO Service Network

To service or repair the DENSO components in your vehicle, please refer to your vehicle dealer if the vehicle is still in warranty.

After that time we recommend that you contact a DENSO Premium Service Dealer (PSD) or Service Dealers (SD) via the 'Where to buy' link on this site

The Service dealer network have been acredited by DENSO so you can rest assured that when taking your vehicle in for service or repair that the workmanship will be as good as the DENSO parts being serviced or replaced. 

If you are not near a DENSO Service Dealer, most shops and mechanics are able to purchase DENSO components. To ensure that you receive a genuine DENSO radiator, please specify your preference for DENSO to your mechanic in the event that you need a replacement.